Antismog Mothers (MAMME ANTISMOG) Committee

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Antismog Mothers Committee started in Naples (Italy) in Oct. 1995 as a movement of opinion not influenced by any political or ecological consolidated party or group. It spontaneously came to birth thanks to the many parents worried for their children's health being seriously put in danger by the high level of air pollution of our city of Naples.

It actually represents a segment of citizens of any urban reality in which pollution agents ( often cancer-inducing as benzene emitted by automobiles) or electromagnetic fields induced by thermoelectric plants, in all cases, all industrial emission which lead to very serious pathologies as bronchial ashma, leukemia and lung cancer which make us inevitably potential victims; Sanitary and Scientific Authorities have long since marked the close relationship between these pathologies and air pollution.

The Committee intends to expose our uneasiness as citizens who don't feel defended at all by local and state administration on the basical and prime right to health and want to strongly urge the important competent authorities, in particular our Mayor as highest authority to face the problem of smog and air pollution in a radical and efficient manner.

We believe that solutions such as switch-parking-lots in the city skirts with efficient buses and trains bringing people towards the center, should seriously be considered to be part of a medium-period program.

These questions are strictly connected with our health and must be subject of political choices and administration decisions which should follow indications of sanitary authorities more than industrial interests. As a matter of fact, it is known that industries and petroleum corporations judge market needs more important than ours and those of our children.

We have done a lot in our city: activities , conventions, strikes; we have also produced a 35 sec. spot on health damage related to smog, which has been broadcast on local tv channels.

Unfortunately, power lobbies such as petroleum corporations and automobile industries are by far more incisive than us on government political choices; but any marketing-oriented industry would consider our needs as well as those of the market, as soon as our movement of opinion will become strong and widespread enough to orient votes.

We look for adhesions and contacts throughout the world, to enable us to create a political and social pressure net on governments of all the cities around the world which have these problems. We are interested in data, opinions and ideas that can help for a useful collaboration. Thank you.

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